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The Diplomat

Liberal, conservative

Tolerant, unbiased

A bunch of adjectives

But none of which are righteous

Claim to be the best

Just a god in the likeness

Turns out that your religion

Is the epitome of lifeless

Elephants and asses

Fighting under eagles

Underneath a steeple

Preaching all that's fecal

Teleprompter readings

To indoctrinate the people

Just to spark a civil war

A distraction that is lethal

Obey your ten commandments

The government's expanded

You wanna build yourself up

But you just came openhanded

Now everybody's branded

Hurt, abused and stranded

Felt the system gave you purpose

But all meaning has disbanded

Talk about an outcast

The government has two class

One controls the people

While the other pays the sales tax

That's quite a bit of contrast

Begging for a hall pass

Temperatures are rising

And it's cloudy in your forecast

A continual outpouring

Eternities of warring

When evil plays the victim

You'll find none that are adoring

So what's with all the roaring

Actions so deploring

Love is beating down

While hatred is set to soaring

An empire of conquest

Evil beyond contest

Everyone submitted

And blinded to false promise

Now frankly, let's be honest

None of you are modest

Submitted to a system

That is eager to admonish

Bigots set to blaspheme

A nightmare of a daydream

The walking dead amongst us

Serving patriarch and regime

Corruption of the episteme

Lacking their own self-esteem

Mutilating grace

For the famine of the mainstream

Republican or Democrat

Any government at that

If you support the system

You have helped to form the epitaph

Created your own golden calf

Helped destroy the habitat

In the likeness of a monster

Just an advocate and diplomat

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